Celebrate Your Live Small Values

How We Got Started

Have you ever felt life was like a roller coaster; moving fast, up and down and never stopping? Back in the late 90s I took a class called Voluntary Simplicity that talked about a different way to live. This choice was slow, meaningful, and more considerate to myself, others and the environment.  I knew that it  was speaking to my values, but I was too immersed in my systems of living to really make a change. 

THEN, one day, I literally woke up and decided it was time (this is the short version:).   I bought a tiny piece of land in Spur, Texas, (first 'tiny house friendly' town in America)  decided on plans for a very small home (216 sq. ft), and quit my FULLTIME teaching job (college professor).  I lived in two Tiny House communities (Spur & Austin) Texas and am currently in the process of making the SMALL LIFE, my life!  It is a process, a journey...I am officially Smallward Bound. 

Wanting to celebrate my LIVE SMALL values, I searched the web for a company that offered products to share my passion. Without any luck, I decided to start my own company and Smallward was born. 

There is a silent movement sweeping  America (and abroad) where people are ready to start over with less things, slow down, divorce stuff, get out of debt, downsize, cherish relationships; basically having more FREEDOM to explore the real meaning of life. Smallward Company will be following this ongoing movement and documenting the stories.   We will be digging deep to explore the richer meanings of what it means to "live small." 

If you are feeling the need to reset your life's path, i want you to know you are not alone.  Smallward Company will offer  meaningful e-courses, stories, blogs and products that will help support YOUR progress on this journey. I do believe we are a part of a new social movement....one that's kinder to relationships and our earth home, so let's get started!

One small step at a time:)

live small ~

reba parker
smallward company 

living small in my new 216 square foot home